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Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Photoshop is becoming a more common tool that people are using who are hobbyists and who are not professional designers but would rather use a professional program to edit their images then to use an app on their phone.

I remember in the early 2000’s not many people knew what photoshop was unless they were a designer. Or if they had heard of photoshop they did not know how to use it.  I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how to use photoshop as a beginner, or even an intermediate designer.

Command +

One of my favorite keyboard short cuts are the command +, when you press those two buttons together it zooms in on your image. Now I actually love this keyboard short cut even more because it works with a lot of stuff. I use this shortcut in all of the creative suite programs, but also it works on web browsers and your outlook email! I thought that was super cool when I figured that out. LOL. Go ahead and try it.

Command –

Well I am sure you can figure this one out on your own. plus and minus are pretty self explanatory. So if you press the command – your image in photoshop will zoom out of course. This also applies to website and email too.

Command 0

We have used the command plus and minus but command zero is cool because it brings your image back at 100% after using all of those command pluses and minuses to zoom in and out.

[ – Left Bracket 

When you are using a tool in photoshop such as the paint brush for an example, when you press the left bracket it will make your paint brush icon smaller.

] – Right Bracket

Right bracket is the same as the left bracket. If you press the right bracket in photoshop while using the paint brush it will make your paint brush icon bigger.

Command C

 just like any other Command C shortcut on the mac is copy, But i like to click on a layer in photoshop and press command C to copy its and then to paste it as another layer.

Command J

Like I said above I like to paste what I copied as another layer so to do that your would press Command J.


Stay tuned for the second part of this post for more photoshop tips and tricks using the fill content aware tool and more.


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