Photoshop Tips & Tricks Part 2

Photoshop Tips & tricks Part 2

In part 1 I went over common shortcuts for photoshop which are very useful when you’re designing with a hard deadline, which face it, if you’re a designer, you’re always under a tight deadline!

There are a few things within photoshop that will save you time and a headache if you know how to do it! So i will be showing you how to use fun tips and tricks.

Caps Lock

Have you ever been working in photoshop using the paint tool and all of a sudden your paint circle icon turns into a different icon that looks like a 4 lined star shape thingy?  and you get frustrated because you want to know how big your paint line is going to be but you cannot for the life of you figure out why your paint icon won’t come back no matter what you do? Well let me let you in on a little secret! Check to see if your caps lock is on. Yup, it is that simple. When I first started out as a designer I could not figure out what was going on. This goes for all tools in photoshop. If they look different after choosing the tool, see if your caps lock is on.

Clone stamp

The Clone stamp is used to clone an object, I chose to clone the building  so you guys can see what I cloned. To use the clone stamp, all you do is select the clone stamp tool, if you hover over your tools it will tell you what tool you are hovered on. The clone tool is the 10th tool down and it looks like a stamp, so once you select it, hover over what you want to clone and press option>Mouse Click (on Mac) then move your mouse to where ever you want it to show up and click your mouse and just like painting, just paint the building or what ever you are cloning.

Magnetic Lasso Tool


This tool is one of my favorites, it works by taking out backgrounds or something with solid colors so the pixels are picked up from the tool. Or to make a selection. To use this tool go to your tool panel and it will be the third one down, but it should have a magnet showing, so if you do not see that, click and hold down until the options pop out and click on the magnetic lasso. 

Okay, now that you have selected your tool, take your tool to your image and click where you want to start the path to delete your background then you can either move your mouse on the edges of the background you want to delete or you can click to get a good grab while you move your mouse around the image. Work your way around the background you want to delete until you close the selection then close it by putting the two ends together, then you can press delete, but only if your background layer is unlocked. See above for my example of using the magnetic lasso to delete the background. Notice my selection also.

Blur Background

To go off of what we just learned with the magnetic lasso tool, we can use that same process to blur out our background. So go ahead and select your background with the magnetic lasso tool. Then go up to filters>Blur>Motion Blur, then play with the slider for distance and adjust until you find it appealing. As you can see below, my background with clouds are blurred.

Please feel free to comment below how this article helped you or to add more tips and tricks.

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