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Why you should have a persona for your business.

You’re probably thinking “oh I know who my target audience is, I don’t need a persona”

This may be true that you do know who your target audience is. But there are many benefits of having a persona.

First of all, let me explain what a persona is just incase you are scratching your head or about to google it lol. A persona is a written snippet of a made up person with their interests, likes, career and hobbies along with age and a photo. You usually come up with this made up  information by doing user interviews first. Now you’re probably asking why do I have to do interview??

So you have this awesome idea of a product or service and you’re ready to start a business right?? Wrong! Stop right there. First ask yourself if your product or service is a solution for customers problems?  If not, go back to the drawing board and find a solution to their problem. But if you answered yes, then proceed to interviews. Let your customers try out your services free of charge or at a discount so you can get honest feedback from your users. After you get your feedback from the users and they tell you what they liked, didn’t like, what problem they had, etc. Take all of your research from your users and design a persona with all of the combined feedback.

Benefits of a persona

  1. It will help you stay on brand – Building a persona helps you and your company stay on brand. When you keep coming back to your persona you’ll remember what solution your solving and for whom.
  2. It will humanize your target audience – instead of just looking at data and stats, having a persona will make your target audience feel more like an actual person. Because you’ll give your persona a name too. So when you get stuck, you’ll turn to your persona and ask yourself “what would Aiden like?”
  3. A great understanding of customers behaviors and needs (not wants) – Believe it or not, people don’t know what they want, so instead we figure out what they need. You’ll take the features that most users needed and add that feature to your product or service. If only one person wanted a certain feature, you cannot add data from one consumer,  If that was the case, a blow dryer would have 1000 buttons. You should be looking for patterns in your research.

Above is a persona I put together after many user interviews and feedback for an app design. I took all of my data that I saw a pattern throughout my interviews and added that to my persona. My Aiden persona has helped me stay on brand as well as humanize my users for my product. My product is for an app and a responsive website. If you’d like to learn more about responsive websites check out my blog post on responsive websites and the benefits of a mobile-first design! in a new tab) 

Don’t forget to comment below on anything I may have missed for personas and their benefits!

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