Visual Sugar

Foodie Finds Case Study

Persona Findings

After I conducted 5 interviews with my target audience, I put together my findings for Aiden Jane’s persona. I learned that my target audience makes food decisions by reviews, images, wait times, price and unique food. Also during my target audience interviews, all of my users said they love the simplicity of the Twitter app.

Wire Frames Findings

During my User Testing with my wireframes I found that all users said it would be easier to navigate through my app with back buttons on every page.

User Flow Findings

During my User tests I had to pivot with my user flow, because I learned that all of my users were navigating through Foodie Finds differently then I anticipated. During these User Tests I found the happy path of my users.

Card Sorting Findings

After my interviews for my card sorting, I learned that my hotspot color was not noticeable for a clickable area, therefore we changed it to red to indicate it is a clickable button.

Same with the reviews clickable button, it blended into the background, therefore we made it yellow and increased the word reviews and underlined the word. My users were then able to realize it was indeed clickable.

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